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Power your marketing engine with the right data and tools


Solving customer engagement, marketing, and loyalty challenges for retail, hospitality, and other B2C businesses with purpose-built advanced data analytics.

Simplify Martech and Customer Analytics with Skellam

With our deep expertise in the martech and customer analytics space, we understand the buying sentiment of consumers and use it to deploy audience personalization at scale. We effectively parlay your martech data into useful business and marketing insights with the most capable AI data solutions.

Unlock your Marketing Potential

Remove the technical and data engineering bottlenecks to streamline your marketing initiatives with the right marketing automation platform built for your business. Be it setting up a custom demand generation program, creating the right email offers, offering just-in-context personalized recommendations, to improving the efficacy of your overall loyalty plans, Skellam is there for you. 

To speed up your marketing processes and workflows, it’s crucial to be a connective tissue between your sales, brand, and marketing teams. This helps your marketing and customer success campaigns make the customer feel heard and thus improves conversions and customer loyalty (Hint: You are on the right page!)

Customer Engagement at the Core of Data Analytics Solutions

When you have to keep a tab on your marketing metrics and KPIs such as customer engagement, revenue generation, and engineering performance, you need analytics services that intelligently mine the data for effective business application purposes. We cover the build, profile, and customer segmentation using our AI analytics capabilities so you can bring the customer minutiae to manifest into informed marketing decisions.

In doing so, our business analytics solutions capture customer interactions and communications and move the needle from collecting data in real-time, and offer complete analytics. To create customer delight and drive business growth, taking action on customer analytics is mission-critical. Reduced customer churn, increased sales, lowered customer acquisition cost, and validated product updates and features are some immediate benefits you reap when you start working with us. This is how we optimize for marketing efficiency and the overall ROI of your trust in our AI data science capabilities.


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