Martech & Customer Analytics

Power your marketing engine with the right data and tools


Solving customer engagement, marketing, and loyalty challenges for retail, hospitality, and other B2C businesses with purpose-built advanced data analytics.

Simplify Martech and Customer Analytics with Skellam

With our deep expertise in the MarTech and customer analytics space, we understand the buying sentiment and digital behaviors of consumers and use it to deploy audience personalization at scale. We effectively parlay your MarTech data into impactful business and marketing insights with the most capable AI data solutions.

Unlock your Marketing Potential

Remove the technical and data engineering bottlenecks to streamline your marketing initiatives with the right marketing automation platform built specifically for your business. Be it setting up a custom demand generation program, creating the right email offers, offering just-in-context personalized recommendations, or to improving the efficacy of your overall loyalty plans…Skellam is there for you. 


To enhance the efficacy of your marketing processes and workflows, it’s crucial to have connective tissue between your enterprise’s sales, brand, customer service and marketing teams. With Skellam’s customized CDP platform, coupled with our team of AI and data science experts, your enterprise will be properly positioned to achieve your customer experience goals and increase operations with an attractive ROI.   

Customer Engagement at the Core of Data Analytics Solutions

When you have to keep a tab on your marketing metrics and KPIs such as customer engagement, revenue generation, and engineering performance, you need analytics services that intelligently mine the data for effective business application purposes. We cover the build, profile, journey and customer segmentation using our AI analytics capabilities so you can bring the customer minutiae to manifest into informed marketing decisions.


In doing so, our business analytics solutions capture customer signals from various offline and digital channels, analyze this data for relevant indicators in real-time to offer complete and insightful analytics upon which businesses can act accordingly. To improve the experience of customer interactions with brands, comprehensive customer analytics is mission-critical.  Whether the goal be reduced customer churn, increased sales, lower customer acquisition cost or increased NPS it is extraordinarily difficult to improve KPIs with a system that can monitor the process, predict  behaviors and the close the loop on identified problems. Our overall mission is to help our clients optimize their Martech technology stack for marketing efficiency, increased customer value and overall enterprise growth. 


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