Are you paying too much for Text Analytics?

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Welcome to Lexcore

Lexcore is a modern text analytics cloud-based framework from Skellam AI that has been architected to work on complex text analytics data with performance and cost top of mind.

While traditional methods like inverse indexing have their merits, Skellam’s Lexcore utilizes serverless parallel processing and introduces modern capabilities that address the challenges posed by massive and dynamic datasets such as those posed by LLMs.  As the volume of your text data grows exponentially, Lexcore dynamically allocates resources to handle the increased load. This on-demand scalability ensures efficient processing of large datasets by providing this pay-as-you-go model which can be more cost-effective than maintaining a dedicated infrastructure by scaling down to zero when not in use, reducing costs during periods of inactivity. Through leveraging Lexcore, enterprises achieve greater efficiency, flexible scalability, and reduced operational overhead leading to a more cost-effective operating environment. For unique use cases, we can also customize Lexcore to your specific requirements.


Why Adopt Lexcore as your Text Analytics solution?

  • Lexcore was designed for modern text analytics challenges at an affordable price point saving some clients up to 50% over their current vendor
  • Lexcore has pre-built API’s for easy migration from leading text analytics vendors
  • Lexcore has pre-built APIs for AWS and Microsoft’s Azure for swift deployment on preferred in-house cloud providers alleviating compliance and data security concerns
  • Lexcore comes pre-built APIs to leading and/or custom developed generative AI platforms and existing enterprise visualization tools such as Tableau, Power Bi, QuickSight

Lexcore with Generative AI

You can integrate your homegrown Generative AI solution with Lexcore

Lexcore comes with prebuilt integration with Generative AI providers

Lexcore provides you with all the powerful features, you can see in leading text analytics solutions. Plus its built-in integration with Generative AI makes it flexible for your team to develop additional interesting use cases.

Case Study

The largest coffee company in the world had a problem with information residing in disparate areas of the business preventing a holistic view of their customers. The old text analytics system was under-delivering, expensive and costing the customer substantial amounts of budget in support and maintenance fees. Skellam built a customized enterprise AI solution deployed on AWS that delivers over 6 billion recommendations annually to their customers by aggregating structured and unstructured data like that from apps, website reviews, in-store data, social media, etc. The client was able to review more detailed customer segmentation information and an enhanced analysis of customer sentiment leading to improved consumer loyalty and substantial annual savings.

Automobile manufacturers are always in search of more efficient ways to classify warranty claims, monitor their root cause, and predict potential areas of concern before a product’s failure. Skellam AI’s architects developed a cloud-agnostic platform capable of integrating data from customer-facing departments (Service Center, Claims, Products and Engineering, Sales, etc.) into one 360-degree view of the customer. The client was able to create enhanced predictive models related to warranty failures, better feedback and ideation for product engineering, increased VOC analysis, and improved warranty pricing models.

LexCore’s patent-pending just-in-time topic detection obviates the need for reverse-indexing text data in expensive reverse-indexed databases. This saves a lot of data storage and processing costs. We use serverless architecture to process the text with topic detection models and rules.

Harnessing the power of Generative AI with Lexcore

Regardless of modern text analytics use cases utilizing generative AI, sentiment analysis, topic detection, or text summarization. Lexcore allows you to interrogate your data regardless of complexity and/or volume. Lexcore also provides solutions for alleviating engineering concerns such as caching, rate limit, word embedding storage, etc., so your data science team can focus more on iterating and less on worrying about inefficiencies.