Martech & Customer Data Platform

Create personalized  marketing campaigns by integrating all your customer data into one single source marketing platform.



Solving customer engagement, marketing, and loyalty challenges for retail, hospitality, and other B2C businesses with purpose-built advanced data analytics.

Our CDP integrations are purpose-built for your business needs to extract unique insights from your customer data. The resulting CDP platform enables brands to model future actions based on past purchasing patterns, digital communications, and product/service behaviors across multiple devices and channels. We then create one “single source” of customer truth by consolidating data from every customer touchpoint across an enterprise to create 360-degree customer profiles that the entire company can trust and consume accordingly.

Build an advanced marketing technology platform with deep customer insights.

With our deep expertise in the martech and customer analytics space, we understand the buying sentiment and digital behaviors of consumers and use it to deploy audience personalization at scale. We effectively parlay your MarTech data into impactful business and marketing insights with the most capable AI data solutions. Remove the technical and data engineering bottlenecks to streamline your marketing initiatives with the right marketing automation platform built specifically for your business. Be it setting up a custom demand generation program, creating the right email offers, offering just-in-context personalized recommendations, or to improving the efficacy of your overall loyalty plans.

The Skellam Customer Data Platform Edge

By ensuring accuracy, alignment, and privacy as our CDP platform development imperative, our CDP integrations enable the information from online and offline sources such as websites, social listening, mobile apps, and point-of-sale systems to offer a complete view of your customers. With years of experience in the industry building CDP platforms at scale, our team will design and build the best fit platform for your business.  Our custom CDP platforms are enabling billion dollar restaurant and retail giants to save and make millions of dollars every day.

Our CDP capabilities stack up this customer intelligence and then help your teams create:

Personalized Upsell Recommendations

Marketing Automation & Workflows

Personalized Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Retention & Churn Analytics

Email,SMS,WhatsApp & Social Media integration

Segmentation & Audience Management

Our Custom CDP Solutions

Every business is unique and at Skellam…and we treat you this way.  We know that off-the-shelf CDP solutions were not designed with your operating environment needs in mind and extensive and costly re-work is all too common. Skellam AI specializes in building custom CDPs based on your specific business needs and customer experience goals to unlock the true potential of your data sources. By integrating your existing marketing and sales data into one technology stack, clients create limitless possibilities as illustrated by the diagram below:

Let’s work together!

Further, our experts work with your business and tech team to understand the upstream and downstream functioning of your business functions. This is in an effort to make sure that our CDP solution provides value to you, be it improved market share, increased profitability, or making strategically smart business decisions from your data.


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