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Data Management and Consulting from Skellam AI

“A report from Epsilon reveals that 80% of customers are more likely to do business with a brand when it provides them with a personalized experience.”

Personalize your data and Marketing Campaigns using AI and data science for superior customer engagement with Skellam AI.

Each company is unique and needs tailored AI solutions to account for business nuances and Customer Profiles. The World has moved beyond the capabilities offered by off-the-shelf data products.

With Skellam AI, change the way your business interacts with your customers to drive engagement and Customer loyalty.


Bespoke services for your unique business needs built by experts.

Customer Data Platform

Create targeted marketing campaigns by integrating all your customer data to your martech platforms.

Custom Built Data & AI Products

Augmented Custom AI and Data Products, Built For You, At Scale

Martech & Customer Analytics

Power your marketing engine with the right data and tools

Data Science & Data Engineering

Leading with data, driven by engineering innovation

Transform your business with AI-enabled, data-driven solutions.

Skellam AI specializes in purpose-built AI and data solutions that solve complex business problems, at scale.

Skellam’s AI-based custom solutions enable brands to increase customer engagement, improve loyalty, increase sales, and thoroughly understand their customers — all in real-time.

Built for your AI initiatives, Skellam drives efficiencies, increases profitability and bolsters innovation, so you can focus on strategic business matters.

Industries We Serve

We cater to the trust of consumer facing eco systems


Using AI and ML technologies to streamline the retail experience doesn’t require a mammoth corporation or an ecommerce site.


Skellam has been doing revolutionary work in the QSR industry helping partners with recommendation systems. The World’s Largest Coffee


Skellam’s expertise in managing and consulting with data is valuable for your restaurant business. Your restaurant’s data is unique to you.

Trusted by leading brands

Increase Sales with Skellam’s Smart Customer Engagement

Skellam’s AI engineers and data scientists are skilled at building custom solutions for your most complex business problems. We are saving hundreds of millions of dollars in demand generation for a Fortune 100 company with our AI-powered customer engagement platform.


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