About Skellam


Customized AI & Data Science Solutions for Consumer-led Enterprises.

At Skellam we are a team of experts in AI, data science, and product development that solve complex business problems of our clients through custom solutions.

Our Story

The Skellam ‘Information Advantage’ helps you stay ahead of the technology curve.

Early 2017
Launched Skellam

In 2017 we started with a small team of world-class AI engineers. Our first mission was to build a customized NLP and text analytics platform to replace a leading silicon valley text analytics vendor solution.

Mid 2017
First Fortune100 Customer

We successfully built a better platform and saved money for our customer. Our next mission was to build a superior solution and replace an existing personalization solution, created by a silicon valley company for our fortune 100 customer.

Mid 2018
Saving Millions. Generating Millions.

By mid 2018 we did exactly that, and saved millions of dollars in addition to generating additional sales revenue for our customer. We did this by developing a context-driven, revenue-optimized personalization solution with a built-in experimentation platform.

Growing & Advancing

We are now growing as both business and a trusted brand in this arena. Bolstered with engineering innovation and data analytics solutions, we are looking forward to personalizing more customer interactions for our clients.

Be A Part Of Our Mission
Let’s Solve Exciting AI Problems

Why we are 10x better

We focus on the solution, not on building monolithic platforms

We start with the unique problems our customers have. We understand that your business is unique, so as your data. We want to solve YOUR problem, not a market perceived problem. We build customized solutions for you. Our solutions make use of all your relevant data and your unique business knowledge, which made you successful in the first place. We do believe in “better data beats better algorithms”. So we apply better algorithms to better data and the results are going to be naturally superior to anything out there pre-built.