About Skellam AI


Enterprise Ai & Analytics At Scale.

Our team at Skellam is passionate about building unique solutions that help brands maximize their customers’ experience through our expertise in AI, data science, and product development.

Our Story

From a boutique analytics provider to an enterprise solution provider.

Skellam AI was founded with a vision to help companies create exceptional experiences with their consumers by providing solutions that leverage data and AI-driven intelligence.

In 2018, immediately after its inception, Skellam AI began working with the world’s largest coffee chain, contributing to Deep Brew…an advanced customer engagement and personalization platform, which enhanced customer loyalty, customer personalization and accretive revenue.

Since this initial engagement, Skellam has continued to innovate by launching Qubriux, a SaaS-based customer loyalty platform helping restaurants globally by providing AI-driven customer engagement and has continued to enhance the architecture underlying Lexcore, its patent-pending solution for modern text analytic challenges.   

Skellam is known for helping their clients aggregate digital touchpoints, breakdown departmental silos, provide simple self-service and exhibit superior domain expertise related to custom CDPs, NLP, advanced analytics and Generative AI.

Why work with us

We focus on the solution, not on building monolithic platforms

We start with the unique problems our customers have. We understand that your business is unique, so as your data. We want to solve YOUR problem, not a market perceived problem. We build customized solutions for you. Our solutions make use of all your relevant data and your unique business knowledge, which made you successful in the first place. We do believe in “better data beats better algorithms”. So we apply better algorithms to better data and the results are going to be naturally superior to anything out there pre-built.