Using AI and ML technologies to streamline the retail experience doesn’t require a mammoth corporation or an ecommerce site. Any business with physical locations can benefit from Machine Learning technology, whether they sell goods online or offline. While it may sound complicated, implementing AI/ML technology into your retail operation is actually quite simple—the key is to start small, build out your tech stack, and learn along the way.

Skellam AI can help you in this journey of using AI and ML to drive engagement and revenue in your retail business.

Sentiment Analysis

Analysis of social media for customer sentiments to set up marketing strategy


Classify your customer base into groups for targeted marketing communication

Enhanced Customer Experience

Win over your customers with delightful experiences

Intent-based Offers

Use the power of AI to send offers that match your customer intent

In-App Web and Push Notifications

Give your promotions the most reach and maximum penetration

Improved Brand Loyalty

Get your customers to come back because they had a great time when they shopped with you


Skellam has been doing revolutionary work in the QSR industry helping partners with recommendation systems. The World’s Largest Coffee Chain is delivering more than 6 billion recommendations a year to its app users on a recommendation system architected and managed by Skellam engineers.

We create custom solutions in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Segmentation, Sentiment Analysis, Loyalty Management and much more. Our QSR services are available for Small and Medium Businesses especially.


Skellam’s expertise in managing and consulting with data is valuable for your restaurant business. It can help you get on track towards a business that consistently delivers optimized customer engagement and delightful customer experiences. Your restaurant’s data is unique to you. And we understand that. We provide solutions that are tailor made to your needs. 

By simply enhancing your customer engagement, you could move the needle on other metrics like retention, loyalty and revenue. We help you build the right technology that takes your restaurant from an offline brick-and-mortar setup to a business with an end-to-end integrated customer engagement platform. 


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