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Augmented Custom AI and Data Products, Built For You, At Scale


We specialize in custom AI solutions and data products in the martech, loyalty, and customer analytics space. Our AI products are designed to upkeep your brand’s overarching goals: user engagement, retention, and conversions and scale them to the next level.

Customer experience is at the heart of why we do what we do.

Skellam AI Solutions, Powered for Your Business

When you deploy Skellam AI tools, your business conversations, engineered through our machine learning solutions, drive better customer conversions.

Alongside, we work with you to:

Building AI Solutions with the Skellam Skill

As specialists in designing and developing customer engagement platforms, we offer seamless integrations with your enterprise’s systems. We cater to your trust by ensuring:

Let’s Build the Best Customer Engagement Solutions

Our services suite also encompasses two purpose-built in-house SaaS platforms: Qubriux (for personalized marketing and customer engagement) & LexCore (text analytics and sentiment analysis). When big data is driven by AI software solutions, you can predict customer behavior and needs and then enhance your customer loyalty, improve your app interface, increase revenue per customer, understand customer sentiment, and optimize inventory management. 

If you are wondering how to build AI software to nurture your users through every stage of the customer lifecycle, we’ve got you covered!


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