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Apply cutting edge AI. Embrace the journey towards a smarter engagement with your customer. We have been there, done that. We built AI enabled customer engagement platform for our fortune 100 customer, saving hundreds of millions of dollars. At SKELLAM we are a team of experts in AI, data science and product development. We apply cutting edge applied AI research to solve your most complex customer engagement problems.


We focus on solution, not on building generic platforms.

We start from the unique problems our customers have. We understand that your business is unique, so as your data. We solve YOUR problem, not a market perceived problem. Our customizable domain specific platform, allows to distill your business knowledge and custom data into our solution. When we apply our cutting edge proprietary AI algorithms to the data distilled from your business knowledge, the results are going to be naturally better than anything out there pre-built.

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Personalized Engagement

We understand each customer journey. We provide truly personalized offers and promotions which finds the optimum balance between business objectives and customer intention.


Robustly Engineered

We engineer our solutions with the highest quality; robust, highly scalable and high performing. For our first customer we achieved a 3x better computational performance over the existing solution, which translates to ability for the platform to take on future growth in business and data.


Optimized For Business Value & Customer Satisfaction

We take the customer through an individualized journey, at the same time, ensuring the business objectives are met. Our cutting edge AI algorithms finds the optimum balance between these two, and manages the customer journey for optimum business impact.

Context Driven

Context Driven Customer Engagement

Our solutions take into account of the customer context and their past interactions. Thus truly understanding the customer motivations. Our AI enabled solutions do not make decisions which are static, but dynamic in the context of ever-changing market cycles and customer behaviors.


Customized For Your Data & Business

Our platform is customizable to your data and business. We understand that your business is unique to you. What worked for other businesses might not work bets for your business. We build customization hooks in our platform so that you have a unique solution tailored to you.

Case Studies

A pacific northwest based global leader in food and beverages, engaged Skellam AI to personalize their mobile app based customer engagement. Skellam built a custom solution, with a built-in experimentation platform and a custom reinforcement learning based solution to learn the customer journey. With a custom solution we enabled deployment of multiple algorithms by different in-house data science teams. This enabled short iterations on different customized algorithms with an AI enabled test and learn cycles. Skellam's solution outperformed the existing Silicon Valley vendor solution on both business KPI matrices and computational performance.

See DeepBrew featured in Satya Nadella's key note speech at Microsoft Build Conference

Starbucks CEO Kevin Jonson on DeepBrew

Testimonials From Our Customers


We partnered with Skellam to build our in-house AI driven customer marketing platform. Skellam built us the platform. Their reinforcement learning based solution outperformed competing vendor platforms in all KPIs including customer engagement, revenue generation and engineering performance. What is unique about Skellam is, instead of throwing a platform at you, they take care to deeply understand your business problem and develop a tailor made solution for you. I highly recommend partnering with Skellam to build your enterprise AI solution.

Jonathan Francis, Senior Vice President, Customer Analytics of a global leader in retail

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